About UsFamily-Workplace

The Family Friendly Workplace® certification is an initiative to connect the business community and families. This trademark registered program gives businesses the opportunity to earn the Family Friendly Workplace™ certification for workplace practices that support families and provide financial support to early childhood education and other programs.

How Family Friendly Workplace® Certification Helps Families

FFW Certified Businesses and Organizations will help increase educational and service delivery funding through certification fees. This and the educational aspects connected with certification will lead to:

  • Enhanced family-friendly workplaces
  • Employer’s and employees’ heightened awareness of importance of early childhood and existing programs and services and increased family participation in early childhood programs and services
  • Enhanced successful workplace recruitment and retention of employees

Businesses will earn points for family-friendly practices to be certified as a Family Friendly Workplace®. Certification will be at bronze, silver and gold levels.  A few examples of family-friendly practices include: paid leave; schedule flexibility for family issues/activities; offering tax-saving options for childcare expenses; and providing a private location for breastfeeding/lactation.

Qualifying businesses will receive a plaque and media toolkit to acknowledge and promote their certification, which will also raise community awareness about the need to support families while attracting and retaining workers.