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The Family Friendly Workplace® certification is an initiative by United Way St. Croix Valley’s Success By 6 (SB6) program to connect the business community and families. This trademark registered program gives businesses the opportunity to earn the Family Friendly Workplace™ certification for workplace practices that support families and provide financial support to early childhood education programs.

Funds generated by Family Friendly Workplace® certification process will benefit educational programs and service delivery for early childhood development.


How Family Friendly Workplace® Certification Helps Families

FFW Certified Businesses and Organizations  will help increase educational and service delivery funding through certification fees. This and the educational aspects connected with certification will lead to:

  • Enhanced family-friendly workplaces
  • Employer’s and employees’ heightened awareness of importance of early childhood and existing programs and services and increased family participation in early childhood programs and services
  • Enhanced successful workplace recruitment and retention of employees

Businesses will earn points for family-friendly practices to be certified as a Family Friendly Workplace®. Certification will be at bronze, silver and gold levels.  A few examples of family-friendly practices include: paid leave; schedule flexibility for family issues/activities; offering tax-saving options for childcare expenses; and providing a private location for breastfeeding/lactation.

Qualifying businesses will receive a plaque and media toolkit to acknowledge and promote their certification, which will also raise community awareness about the need to support families while attracting and retaining workers.


About the SB6 Program

Since 2005, the vision of the Success By 6 (SB6) initiative has been that all children in Pierce, Polk and St. Croix Counties with the strong support of family and community will, by age six, have the necessary physical, mental, emotional and social development to successfully grow and learn.

Success By 6 serves as a supportive entity that coordinates and integrates programs under a single network. Under the SB6 umbrella, many partners are working to support the physical, mental, emotional and social development of children in our region.

Common, community-wide goals shared by our SB6 Partnerships are:

  • Communities will understand the importance of the early childhood years and work to strengthen programs and services.
  • Parents and caregivers will have the knowledge and training to provide children with safe, stable, and supportive environments.  To do so, SB6 seeks to build a comprehensive, collaborative, coordinated, seamless, universal system from prenatal to age 6 by building adult capabilities to improve child outcomes.


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