Become Certified

How the Family Friendly Workplace® Certification Program Works


Application Fee: $250 payable upon application

Certification Fee: $10 per FTE per year payable upon qualification of certification (annual renewal to retain certification).  FTE is the number of Full-Time Equivalent employees in your organization, based on a 40-hour workweek.


Steps in the Application Process

    1. Become familiar with the Family Friendly Workplace® program.
    2. Apply for certification. Click on the Apply Now button below.
    3. Complete the application and submit the application fee.
    4. After application fee is received, confer with the Family Friendly Workplace® Engagement Specialist to review your application and verify responses.
    5. Upon determination of certification:

•  Submit payment of your annual fee (based on number of FTE).

•  Sign license agreement regarding use of logo and trademark.

•  Receive Family Friendly Workplace® media kit to help you promote your certification.




Scoring Criteria

Please review the Application and Rating Criteria document. You will score points for workplace benefits, such as providing healthcare coverage for the family, providing childcare costs support, providing paid leave options for employees, having flexible work schedules, providing private areas for lactating mothers, providing early childhood education initiatives, and more.

            Download Application and Rating Criteria [PDF]


Want help filling out your application?

Please use the Application Instructions document as a resource to assist you in responding to the questions and calculating your responses.

           Download Application Help Document [PDF]

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